WDSL Aerospace was formed in 1993 as Wylam Defence Systems Limited, as a manufacturer of military hand-held ground surveillance systems.

By 1996 Portaguard and Permaguard were in service with specialised reconnaissance forces in the military and most surveillance units in the majority of the world’s government agencies, whilst our ultrasonic products are in widespread Naval and Military service around the world.

Our Portamarine portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator is in service with the Royal Navy, US Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and various Commonwealth, European and overseas Navies, whilst our Portascanner portable ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator is in service with various Navies and Military Forces around the world testing watertight compartments, hatches, NBC and CW seals and hatch covers in Submarines, Warships, Armoured Vehicles and Fleet Support Vessels.

Building on this customer market WDSL became closely involved in providing an array of procurement and logistic services, and private military services, for various governments around the world, particularly focussing on British Commonwealth countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Australasia.

In 1998 WDSL was invited to provide project management services in regard to a government-owned B747 undergoing VIP conversion for a family in a GCC country.

The company’s extensive network of agents, representatives and partners overseas aided the addition of aerospace to its defence roots, and today WDSL provides a unique array of services within Aerospace and Defence in over 60 countries.
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