02 November 2008
WDSL the global aerospace and defence service provider has been asked to support the expansion of Mezzo Movies. Mezzo Movies are the leading Rolls-Royce backed provider of portable In-Flight Entertainment Solutions to airlines. Carl Hunter, Managing Director, says “Mezzo Movies offers the most comprehensive range of portable and semi-fixed IFE services, and bespoke, fully managed portable IFE solutions. WDSL feel that this is a natural progression from a decade of success in supporting passenger seating and cabin inerior programmes, and we are proud to be aligned with Mezzo’s growth in this exciting interiors market sector”.

10 September 2008
WDSL the global aerospace aerospace and defence services provider, joins EMCIIS as its Aerospace and Defence advisors. EMCIIS are a leading provider of commercial intelligence, investigations and security advisory services, focusing particularly in UK, Europe and Emerging Markets. Carl Hunter, Managing Director says, “We are delighted to be joining EMCIIS as its Senior Advisor in the A & D sectors. The need for corporates to move beyond due diligence compliance is ever-increasing, and we feel that the particular strengths of the EMCIIS team, by combining their senior military and security specialists into a coherent market offering, offers considerable growth prospects, and utilizes our expertise in the aerospace and defence sectors in complimentary geographical markets overseas”.

08 June 2008
WDSL the global aerospace and defence service provider has been selected by the The Aircraft Group to manage business development in Europe and the Middle East. Managing Director Carl Hunter says, “over the years we have been increasingly invited by customer airlines to offer a web-based aircraft asset management platform, into which fleet managers can access aircraft documentation, technical records, modification and maintenance status and regulatory compliance. We are proud to have been asked to aid The Aircraft Group’s expansion”.
Notes to editors

1. WDSL is a London-based global aerospace and defence service provider, specializing in business development, marketing and sales support.

2. WDSL offers the most comprehensive support to OEM’s, MRO’s, Airline Engineering, Aviation start-up’s and established aviation businesses seeking growth into international markets.

3. WDSL services are provided as a substitute for costly investment in fixed infrastructure in overseas markets, utilizing its international network which has a world class pedigree and of 17 years standing.

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