WDSL Aerospace Methodology
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Great care is taken to present a company, and to position it, within each country’s specific political and cultural context, as a means to strategically embed the company concerned within its selected country or region, and WDSL Country Managers are generally allocated to each project so as to maintain continuity of the business development process.

Similarly, visiting sales and marketing teams are prepared for visits in-country by written and centralised briefings in their offices.

Once in-country, visiting sales personnel are met by WDSL Country Managers and escorted to their accommodation and accompanied to the customer after detailed briefings having been given by the Country Manager and his/her team.

Accommodation and travel services are also provided on request. In many countries the interface between an airlines management team and its government owners is a prerequisite to successful business development, and WDSL is acquainted with operating across a range of junior, mid-ranking and senior government levels.
WDSL Aerospace Market Differentiator
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A recent project involved the acquisition and integration of information flows from a broad variety of sources, and connecting these to the manufacturer’s domestic government sponsors, within a sensitive and delicate series of processes.

In many cases the provision of WDSL services enables a company to acquire and assimilate project subject matter knowledge at a rate of progress that rapidly moves it ahead of its competition.

Very often the competitive companies are simply dependent upon its sales manager and an in-country agent.
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